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Bula, a town nestled in the very heart of Camarines Sur, is a place of simplicity and tranquillity.It is home to a number of the most magnificent sceneries you can find in the region. This includes captivating agricultural landscapes, breath-taking views of the seaside and hidden gems such as Nalalanta Falls and Tan-awan Park. Bula is also one of the oldest municipalities in the province (one of the first four towns along with Naga, Quipayo and Nabua) founded by the Spanish conquistadores when they came to the Philippines in 1500s.

            The town prides itself for having the country’s vast supply of bamboo. The beauty of its surroundings is mostly lined up with bamboo adornments complementing the native woodlands, bountiful and beautiful.

Moreover, the growing knowledge on the grass, being eco-friendly, helping prevent soil erosion, improving soil condition, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing about 35% more oxygen than a tree, and with its ability to grow much faster, it opened the eyes of the people to its many possible uses.


In 2012, the Local Government Unit of Bula, in cooperation with the DOST, PCW, DTI and DOLE, has developed a Common Service Facility (CSF) with the intention to bring livelihood, art, and culture together. This facility was specially built to make way for the most innovative creation you can do with bamboo…. engineer it!

            Located in BarangayPawili covering an area of 1.260 hectares, the Common Service Facility aims to promote and support the One Town, One Product (OTOP) vision of the municipality geared towards using bamboo as the flagship product of Bula. They established what is known to be the center of engineered bamboo in the Bicol Region, where bamboo is locally available and environmentally sustainable as a substitute for wood in the making of furniture and other novelty items.

With the town’s expanse of bamboo plantation coupled with the creativity and resourcefulness of the Bulaenos, they have managed to come up with designs and crafts that are not only useful but stylish and sturdy as well.The LGU found it has massive economic and marketing potential that could create jobs and uplift the livelihood of the locals.This sits well with the town’s vision of enjoying a globally competitive economy in an ecologically-balanced, adequate and functional environment.The success of this endeavor will put Bula in the map, so to speak, as a pioneer of the technology called bamboo engineering.

Hence, BulaMasarig Engineered Bamboo was thus created and now available for purchase to adorn and beautify your homes and establishments.


  • Engineered bamboo offers a unique design in comparison to the other furniture in the market today. It is a pioneering technology and new to the furniture industry.
  • The use of bamboo is eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. Bamboo is the future.  It is the most beautiful, versatile, tallest and strongest material that we could possibly choose.
  • The engineered bamboo is aesthetically impressive considering the details and the all the efforts put into making every piece. It is relaxing to the mind as well as in body due to the natural coolness of the bamboo material.
  • Every piece of engineered bamboo furniture is a work of art that depicts exactly the passion and creativity entailed into making it. Every person who will own an engineered bamboo furniture will surely feel the warmth of the hands that lovingly put together every detail to create a masterpiece.
  • The furniture industry will create more jobs and livelihood for the people in Bula, as well as in other places, with the introduction of the engineered bamboo. It is expected to serve as an avenue to bridge the gap between people of all shapes and sizes as many people benefit from the more energized bamboo furniture industry.


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